Hiiiiii I’m Esther.
Jesus Follower. Mindful Creator. Lifelong Learner. Style Gal in the making. Marketing Professional.
This blog is filled with  my raw thoughts & feelings about fashion, life musings and just a bunch of random personal bits.
Why Queenlesther?
Lesther = L(ee) + Esther
Queen because I was actually named after Queen Esther from the Bible. Esther is a Persian name meaning star. Queen Esther is one of my role models because not only was she beautiful inside and out, but through her courage, obedience and faith in God she was able to save her people. Isn’t that amazing?
Fun facts about me:
  • Korean American (I am bilingual thanks to my parents!)
  • Studied Marketing and Global Business
  • Texas girl at heart
  • Loves fashion, marketing, photography, music and DIYs
  • Ambidextrous (writing only)