Monday Mood :: Heart Hope

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🎶Guess who’s back back back?! Back again ‘gain ‘gain.🎶

I’m back. It’s been wayyyyy too long. I got lost in my physical world and have failed to enter into my little internet world aka blog. I’m going to re-focus and re-shift this little blog of mine. I will still be talking about my growing passions in conscious consumerism, fashion style and marketing. But, I do hope to make it more personal like a diary. I am also on the road to find my place in this busy working world. As I share on this blog I hope to learn more about myself and also meet great people along the journey. Leggo!

So here I begin with my Monday Mood.

Monday Mood Heart Hope

1. Sometimes I do feel like I’m drowning but the witty words of K-rapper Beenzino wakes me up:

“Life’s short. There’s too much to see on the Internet. My friend, Get some fresh air. Why are you stuck in the little Internet box (reference to the Korea’s Google: Naver) that means you lost that much time…”

2. Cute shoes! from Wonder Girls – I Feel You Music Video
3. A new favorite illustrator of mine 💞  Shinmorae

4. 📷✨


“Find rest, oh my soul, in God alone.”

Psalm 62:5

Sparkly Sunglass gif

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