Heart to Heart x Sohee Style

Heart to Heart Go Saero

wonder girls

My middle and high school days were filled with listening and dancing to the Wonder Girls (원더걸스). They are a K-POP girl group from JYP Entertainment. It felt like we grew up together because two of their members were my age! And it was so cool and inspiring to see girls my age pursuing their dreams. One of the members was dubbed as ‘Korea’s Little Sister.’ Her name is Sohee (소희) and she’s an adorable, pretty and chic kind of gal.

Heart to Heart Go Saero

She recently stepped out of her singer shoes and stepped into the world of acting. She’s the second lead character, Go Saero (고세로), in a Korean drama called Heart to Heart. Her character is a spoiled rich girl who’s passionate about becoming an actress like ‘Meryl Streep or Angelina Jolie.’ (<– one her lines haha) Although she’s slightly egotistical it’s so funny that she’s lovable.And oh my! her style is so on point. She mixes and matches with modern shapes, cute prints, and luxury textures.

Here are a few of my favorite looks:

The Gray Look

Heart to Heart - gray coat

Heart to Heart bag and shoes

Coat – Lucky Chouette, Bag – Celine, and Shoes – Suecomma Bonnie

I Heart You

Heart to Heart Heart top

Heart Leopart Print top – Sandro

Heart to Heart heart dress

Shift Dresses

Heart to Heart gray utilitarian dress

Utilitarian Shift Dress – Alexander Wang

Heart to Heart red plaid dress

Patterns Overload

Heart to Heart tweed suit

Suit – Hom Browne

Heart to Heart candy stripes

Candy Striped playsuit – American Apparel

Heart to Heart floral

Ah~ she is indeed one of my fashion role models. That is all. Byeeeee~


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