Office Style: Misaeng (Incomplete Life) X Pride and Prejudice

Misaeng x Pride & Prejudice

Hello all~ 🙂

It’s been quite a while. I took a little break from blogging because well I was so tired from interning and life in general, but now I’m jumping back in! Recently, I started watching these 2 new Korean dramas called: Misaeng 미생 (Incomplete Life) and Pride and Prejudice 오만과 편견. Both have quite different story lines, characters, etc. but the one thing in common is the perfect ‘office style’ by the main actresses: Kang So-ra 강소라 and Baek Jinhee 백진희.

Their office style looks so effortless, stylish, and classy. Usually, when I think of office style it seems like it would be too stiff and not very fashionable. But, boy did they prove me wrong! (or their stylists did) Haha. So I created a collage for both dramas to showcase the office style.

Misaeng X Kang So-ra Office Style

I love how she mixes and matches colors and textures even though it’s a very formal office setting. She wears a lot of blouses, blazers, and cardigans, which give off a very intelligent, hard-working, and stylish vibe!

Misaeng Kang So-ra 01

Misaeng Kang So-ra 02

Misaeng Kang So-ra 03

Misaeng Kang So-ra 4

Misaeng Kang So-ra 05

Misaeng Kang So-ra 06

office style x misaengPride and Prejudice X Baek Jinhee Office Style

Her style is a mix of girly and smart which suits her personality in the drama. She wears a lot of skirts and flowy button up tops. Instead of textures she wears more patterns and monochromatic colors.

Pride & Prejudice Baek Jinhee 01

Pride & Prejudice Baek Jinhee 02

Pride & Prejudice Baek Jinhee 03

Pride & Prejudice Baek Jinhee 04

Pride & Prejudice Baek Jinhee 06

Office style x pride and prejudice



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