Sisters on the Road Lookbook

sisters on the road poster

This week I had the chance to watch Sisters on the Road (지금. 이대로가 좋아요), a Korean film from 2009. It’s about two sisters Myeong-eun (명은) and Myeong-Ju (명주) who have the same mother but different fathers. After the sudden death of their mother they decide to go on a trip to find Myeong-eun’s dad. It was a very interesting film with a surprise at the end. I liked the cinematography because of its vintage-like colors and the way it slowly revealed each character and the story by going back and forth between the present and the past. It was filmed in Jeju Island which is a beautiful and peaceful island of South Korea.

sisters on the road - jeju island

I especially loved the juxtaposition of the two very different characters: Myeong-eun and Myeong-Ju. Myeong-eun played by Shin Min-A (신민아) is the younger sister, a chic city girl who’s closed off from the world with a negative attitude towards her past and her family. On the other hand, Myeong-Ju played by Gong Hyo-Jin (공효진) is the older sister, a tacky country girl with a bubbly and free personality. I personally loved their two very different fashion styles so I created some modern looks based off the film.

chic v tacky

sisters on the road 1

sisters on the road 2




chic v tacky

sisters on the road 3

sisters on the road 4



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