Fisheye Film Photos

Fisheye - Spring blossoms

Recently I developed the film inside my fisheye camera so I wanted to share a few of the prints. Most of them were actually from my study abroad trip last spring to South Korea so it was like a TBT (throwback Thursday) moment. Only today is Wednesday. teehee 🙂

Fisheye - Me at Namsan

Fisheye - Namsan tower locks
Namsan tower with the infamous love locks. Some slight silly errors with my friend’s finger and my camera strap showing up in the photo.
Fisheye - Daehan Cinema
Daehan Cinema, either the oldest or one of the oldest movie theaters in Seoul. I’m a movie-watcher so I couldn’t resist taking a shot of this historical theater.
Fisheye - Reading in the park
Reading in the park – the weather is so nice in Korea! (Texas is hot like 80% of the time)
Fisheye - artwork at hongdae
Artwork in Hongdae, there are so many artsy and creative things to see in this district. This was one of my favorite places to go to because it was exciting and inspiring.
Fisheye - Lonely me at Everland
Everland (big amusement park kind of like Disneyland)
Fisheye - Spring blossoms
Spring blossoms *^^* the prettiest time of year
Fisheye - me
Hello, It is I.
Fisheye - snow in Texas
One of the rare days of snow in Texas
Fisheye - love of Christ
Family trip to Galveston – the love of Christ






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