WWW: Gong Hyo-jin’s Style from ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’

It's Okay It's Love poster

Who? What? Wear?

It's Okay It's Love poster

Who: Gong Hyo-jin (공효진) – drama character is Ji Hae-soo (지해수)

What: From Korean Drama series – It’s Okay, It’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)

Wear: Chic style with a hint of mix & match

In this drama Gong Hyo-jin is a psychologist who works at a hospital. She has a strong and stubborn personality but when it comes to her patients she is honest and compassionate. I love the humorous side of the drama as well as the interesting take on psychology. I can’t clearly remember what was said but it was along these lines. “Everyone of us are sick. We all have past hurt and pain in our hearts and we need healing.” (hope that’s right! :P)

Gong Hyo-jin has always been know to be fashionista and she doesn’t fail to attract our attention with her chic and lovely style. In this drama she wears a lot of oversized button ups with wide leg pants. Once in a while she surprises us with colorful prints and patterns like green leopard, floral, and pastel lace! Of course you can’t forget her signature toe rings and vivid lip colors.

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite outfits that Gong Hyo-jin wore! Enjoy~


Oversized - Button up - blue on blue


Baggy Green and Blue

Keep Air Fresh

Keep Air Fresh T

Prints (Leopard and Floral)

Leopard Print

Floral top and wide leg jeans

Green Floral Dress

Pastel Lace

Paris and Pastel Lace

Homewear (PJs and Robe)

Homewear PJs

Homewear robe

Extras (Dainty Toe Rings and Vivid Lip Colors)

Toe Rings

YSL LipstickGiorgio Armani lipstick


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