WCW: Jenn Im

Clothesencounter Jenn Im

Clothesencounter Jenn Im

A long overdue post about my all-time favorite Fashion YouTuber: Jenn Im also known as Clothesencounters.

Who: Jenn Im

“I’m Jenn Im. Korean American. Born and raised in LA, but now living in the Bay. Clothes Encounters is a vlog of style musings, tutorials and lifestyle advice.”

What: Fashion YouTuber/blogger, awesome, down-to-earth, fun, and quirky girl

When: Started YouTube in 2010. I started watching her videos a couple years ago. Now she has +900,000 followers on YouTube, a very popular girl!

Where: California


Jenn Im - Instagram Photo Collage

When I first started watching Clothesencounters it was with both Sarah (her best friend) and Jenn making videos on thrifting and styling. And now she is a full-time vlogger with videos about fashion, styling, hauls, travel, advice, and tutorials.

What I love about Jenn Im:

1) Style – She definitely has a unique fashion style. She’s not afraid to experiment with different styles, patterns, and clothing pieces. Her overall style is a mix of grunge, classic, and California bohemian style. A lover of black and white, platform shoes, accessories, and patterns/textures.

2) Down to earth – Whenever she chats on her videos I love how down-to-earth she is. She’s honest, doesn’t seem fake, and she’s like the cool girl-next-door with an awesome closet! She gives lots of advice not only on fashion but also on life – healthy living, being comfortable in your own skin, etc. She just has a lot of positive things to say about all aspects of life.

3) Bold and Creative – She thrives off of creativity – being inspired by everything around her. And she’s bold because she’s not dressing to please people but dressing to look and feel good for herself. She doesn’t worry about what others think, but she’s free to expressing herself whether it’s through her style, makeup, or her videos.

4) Cultured – She loves to share her favorite music, books and films. She has a very unique taste in all. She also enjoys traveling and trying new things. It’s cool that she sees everyday life as an adventure!

Recently in one of her videos she said that this is the era where we can create our own jobs and we don’t need to be stuck doing the 8-5 every day. This gave me a lot to think about since I’ve recently graduated and have been searching for my career path. What am I really good at? What are my passions? How can I creatively create or pursue a career that I will enjoy and love to do?

Style Video: What Would Jenn Wear #5

Thrift Haul Video: 50% Off Huge Goodwill Haul

Travel Video: Jenn Goes To Singapore

Follow her social medias:

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/clothesencounters/featured

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theclothesencounters

Instagram – http://instagram.com/imjennim

Twitter – https://twitter.com/imjennim



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