WWW: Lee Da Hae’s Style from Hotel King

Who? What? Wear?

Who: Lee Da Hae (이다해) – drama character: Ah Mo Ne (아모네)

What: From Korean Drama series – Hotel King

Wear: Quirky yet luxurious fashion style of the hotel heiress (Lee Da Hae)

In this drama series, Lee Da Hae is the heiress of the top hotel in Korea. I really do enjoy watching the drama (so suspenseful yet funny!) but, I also really love seeing her fashion style. She has a luxurious style with a mix of quirky pieces and accessories. Her key accessories are sunglasses, heels, and jewelry. She mostly sticks to white and black but occasionally gives pops of colors like pink and yellow. It shows the coming of spring and summer! Overall her fashion style fits her character: bubbly, fun, innocent, and unique.

These have been some of my favorite outfits! Sorry for some of the poor quality pictures (they were screen captured :P)

All White Lace

All White Lace - Lee Da Hae

All White – Professional – ANDY & DEBB Collection

All White Professional - Lee Da Have

Black and White – Jain Song S/S 2014

White and Black - Lee Da Have

Butterfly Two Piece

Butterfly Two Piece - Lee Da Hae

Flower Power

Flower Power 1 - Lee Da Hae

Flower Power 2 - Lee Da Hae

Snoopy – Fay S/S 2014

Snoopy Jacket - Lee Da Hae

Sporty Dress – Rebecca Minkoff Dress

Sporty Dress - Lee Da Hae




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