WCW: Jessica Alba – The Honest Company

Jessica Alba - NYLONMAG

I went to Barnes and Nobles and couldn’t resist purchasing Nylon Magazine’s March issue. I was delighted to see a very lovely article about Jessica Alba not as an actress but as the founder and and president of The Honest Company. I always thought Jessica Alba was gorgeous seeing her face on different magazines, on the web and in movies but I was very intrigued and inspired to see a different side of her: an entrepreneur, business woman, and a mom.

The Honest Company is “an eco-friendly home goods and wellness brand” which was co-founded in 2012 by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, an author on a book about toxins. It currently has over “60 products, including household cleaning supplies, baby products, vitamins, lip balms, and shampoo conditioners.”

Why did she start this company?

Jessica Alba states: “I want the products in my day-to-day life to work, but I don’t want to expose myself and my kids to toxic chemicals, and it was virtually impossible to find those…Or if I did, they were all brown and boring and not cute. Things should be pretty, but they should also work, and they shouldn’t break the bank. Just looking around at the market, it became clear that you had to be wealthy in order to afford a better, healthier life for your family, and that’s not OK.”

I love how the company has a very personal meaning for her. She was always eco-friendly and environmentally conscious but realized that she couldn’t find products that worked, looked cute AND was affordable. Consumers these days have very high standards. And I think it’s awesome that she’s creating products that fit the needs of the everyday conscious consumers. Personally I want to buy more eco-friendly products and be more conscious in where my money is going but most of the products are super pricey and the product packages/designs are quite unattractive. It might seem a bit shallow but when it comes down to consumers and their behavior attributes like functionality, aesthetics, and price are actually the most important!

Jessica Alba’s passion and personality just shined through while I read the interview article so she definitely wins my Woman Crush Wednesday today! 🙂

Here’s a short Behind the Scenes Interview at their Office:

Company Website: https://www.honest.com

Source: NYLONMAG March 2014 Issue



  1. I got the chance to meet Jessica and Christopher two weeks ago at a convention. They were both pretty cool. I didn’t expect Jessica to be prettier in person,I was pleasantly surprised.lol But in all seriousness,it was cool to meet her in person.

      1. Yeah it was pretty cool. Although here in Cali people are very jaded about celebs. People see them so much.lol I’ve personally met Paula Abdul,Queen Latifah,Tyrese and Rod Stewart. You live in Texas right? Maybe you don’t see celebs as much. I’m sure if you met Jessica you would freak out!lol Any famous people you would ike to meet?

      2. Hm Trueee the more you see the less impact it could have and suddenly it’s just normal. Yeap! I am from Texas and I definitely do not see celebrities here… Haha. Hmm… I would love to meet: Emma Watson, Will Smith, and Emma Roberts! I actually would want to meet more YouTube fashion people and bloggers as well as some Korean celebrities and singers. :3 I have this weird thing where I feel like I shouldn’t freak out when I meet celebrities cuz I feel like I would be invading their personal space, etc. hahahaha. So weird I know.

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