Love Again: Film Photography

QueenLesther polaroid

Hey all! I know I know…Where have I been? Well midterms hit hard! (exams papers projects!!!) and then Spring Break started!! 😀 I got to go on a quick trip to Austin with one of my best friends. And now I have been resting up until school starts again.

I recently started to fall in love again with photography specifically film photography. I had taken a photography class in high school – got to work with a dark room which totally opened up my eyes to the world of film! Over this past winter break I took a risk and thrifted a basic point and shoot Canon film camera for only $5! I got inspired by the blogger: Lauren Rose –

Here is the camera that I bought and have been using:

Esther Lee's film canon camera

I went on little adventures here and there. At first I was so scared that the photos would not even turn out but after I got them developed at Walgreens I was really pleased with my photos – although some turned out horrendous (expected) I now know what to expect when taking pictures with this camera. So here goes:

Visit to the Science Perot Museum

Science Perot Museum Dallas TX

Science Perot Museum Dallas TX

Science Perot Museum Dallas TX

At my sister’s track meet (my personal fave)

Esther Lee - sister's track meet

Random Stuff

Hanging Candles

Blue bonnet field

Esther Lee - QueenLesther

Birthday Cake

And the No Buenos – mostly blurry, bad flash, etc etc.

Bathroom shelf

Pearl cup coffee

Haneul – my cousins’ cute puppy!

Haneul - cute puppy


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