Home Decor: Ban Yoon Hee

Two recent obsessions of mine have been skincare and home decor.  Since I am getting older (aka going to graduate college) I have been on the hunt for good skincare products and tips to maintain healthy bright skin at the same time I dream of moving out my family’s home and having a place of my own with cute decorations and pretty designs!

Ban Yoon Hee

I recently stumbled upon the blog of Ban Yoon Hee (반윤희) who is the CEO of a South Korean online fashion mall called PigHip (http://pighip.co.kr). Her blog is mostly about her personal adventures with lots of pretty pictures. But, I found a couple posts about her apartment and room decor and I totally fell in love with all the unique knick knacks she had.







I mean seriously!?! Everything in her place is amazing! It all seems so tumblr-esque. And that bookshelf/shelf is so epic. I love how not only does it hold books but also displays them and there are a lot of unique items on her shelves. These photos were so inspirational and I hope whenever I have a place of my own I can decorate it as uniquely and beautifully.

For more pretty and inspirational photos you can follow her instagram: http://instagram.com/banyoonhee

And her blog is: http://www.banyoonhee.com


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