What’s In My… Backpack?

I always wanted to do a “what’s in my bag” post and since I am currently a student I thought I’d give it a unique twist and share what’s in my backpack!

Queenlesther's backpack

Yes, this is ALL the stuff I carry because I stay at school the whole day and it’s important that I have everything!

1. Very old lunchbox (like seriously…)

2. School stuff – Postcard folder (Daiso dollar store in Korea), binder, notes, etc.

3. Pretty green Bible (NIV version from Half Price Bookstore) and journal (Target)

4. Bag of eclipse gum – This will seriously save you so money! Instead of buying the packs of gum.

5. Keys (Car and Home), Sugarplum hand sanitizer & nutcracker case (Bath & Body Works), puzzle keychain (with my name on it: gift from friend Taiwan), pink gorilla keychain (Kipling), and rewards keychain thing – My dad keeps telling me it’s bad to have so many things hanging while I am driving buttt I can’t let go of them.

6. Navy backpack (iKea) – This is the most sturdiest backpack I have ever used and it comes with a laptop sleeve inside! The downside is that it is quite small but I do love the industrial look it has.

7. Teal cushioned laptop case (Steve Madden from Ross), laptop, and chargers (laptop and phone) – It’s really cushiony with a front pocket to store many things.

8. Floral pencil bag (Daiso – dollar store in Korea)

9. iTouch – holds my music world. Enough said.

10. Pink tumblr (Thermos from Target) – I drink SO much water and it helps the environment!

11. Wristlet wallet (Liz Claiborne from Macys) – The color is pretty and it does it’s job.

12. Alice in Wonderland planner (Namsan Tower gift shop in Korea) – This is my lifesaver! I am so forgetful and I like to see all the things I need to get done that day (I love making lists) so I look at this at least a thousand times a day plus it has cute Alice in Wonderland illustrations.

13. Pastel aztec print pouch (Forever21) – photo of stuff inside the pouch down below.

14. Extra snacks (Nature Valley Oats & Honey granola bar) – Always need extra snacks to roll through the day.

Queenlesthers pouch

Queenlesthers smiley pin

Queenlesthers backpack pins

Queenlesthers planner page


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