Marketing Monday: Sochi Olympics 2014 P&G Ad

Sochi Olympics 2014

It’s the year of the Winter Olympics!!! I know it’s already been like a good 2 weeks since the Winter Olympics has started in Sochi, Russia. But I kept seeing this Olympics ad appear while watching YouTube videos and usually I skip ads on YouTube as fast as I can but I had to share this one!

Proctor & Gamble – Thank you, Mom. – “For teaching us that falling only makes us stronger.”

This ad is a real tear-jerker! It starts off with little babies attempting to walk (almost thought it was a diaper commercial… well I guess it technically is since P&G brands Pampers) then toddlers learning to skate, play hockey, and even snowboard. The ad continuously shows the growth of the children as they keep practicing even though they fall, get hurt, and even break some bones. Of course these kids are able to push through because their mom was always there for them. She was there to pick them back up, push them to keep trying, tend their wounds, hug them, and cheer for them in the final scenes of the Olympics. Of course the sentimental music has a huge effect on your emotions as you watch this. I think P&G did a brilliant job aside from advertising their brand I think they really wanted to send the message of thanks to all mothers out there!

On a side note no matter what country you are cheering for as you watch the Olympics I think it’s really important to remember that ALL the athletes have worked SO hard since they were little training for this very day as they compete in the Winter Olympics 2014. So no matter what the outcomes I think it’s amazing that they were able to push through and participate in the Olympics. Cheers to all the athletes participating! Ya’ll are awesome! 🙂


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