ADS: Lego Movie Phenomena

Lego Movie

The new Lego Movie has not only been raved by my friends but even by movie critics saying it was AWESOME! I haven’t had the chance to see it yet (hope to soon!) but I recently stumbled upon an article from Adweek about a unique advertising campaign that was done for The Lego Movie in the UK.

The media agency PHD created an ad break of remakes of famous British ads using Legos characters that aired on Britain’s ITV. The remakes included ads for the British Heart Foundation,, BT and Premier Inn. I’ve personally never seen the original ads before but seeing the Lego ad break and then the original ads I thought it was really creative and cool to see how accurately they were made. It reminded me of my childhood where I would create stories playing with my (and my brother’s) Lego pieces. I think this movie is so loved because it brings back a lot childhood memories. I mean who doesn’t love Legos?! 🙂

Here’s the cool adbreak:

And the original LEGO Movie Trailer:

For Lego lovers like you and me the Warner Brother’s Youtube channel has tons! of video clips from teasers to random clips with Legos! Enjoy~


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Source 2:


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