Marketing Monday: SUPERBOWL ADS

superbowl 2014 XLVIII

Superbowl as a football game was a bit of a disappointment. I wasn’t really cheering for a specific team but it seemed like it would have been an intense game with the best defense team playing against the best offense team. Sadly for the Denver Broncos…they got creamed.

Bruno Mars fancy footwork superbowl
Bruno Mars fancy footwork

But on the other hand, Bruno Mars totally killed the stage with his amazing performance with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. His voice just melts my soul. And I didn’t know he had such fancy dance moves!

Let’s get down to business. I am here to talk about the SUPERBOWL ADS! This is going to be totally opinionated just a breakdown of my favorites and the really random ads.

My favorites:

1. Empowering Us All – Microsoft: This was so touching. Technology if used for good can change people’s lives and connect us around the world! And it matches with Microsoft’s vision of creating a better tomorrow.

2. Time Machine – Doritos: Previously, I mentioned that this was my favorite out of the top 5 finalists for Doritos Crash the Superbowl 2014. The end is so hilarious! And obviously Doritos + kids totally make sense.

3. Dad’s Sixth Sense – Hyundai: The clips of the dad saving the boy had me hanging on my seat! Overall the ad was so sweet and humorous. And it really relates since dads teach their kids how to drive and why not with a Hyundai Genesis?

4. Get Crackin’ With Stephen Colbert – Wonderful Pistachios 1 & 2: Basically just used pistachios and Stephen Colbert to sell Wonderful Pistachios. It was like those really cheesy commercials but the ending was priceless! They didn’t do anything too fancy but got straight to the point with a little humor.

5. A Hero’s Welcome – Budweiser: Okay, this one seriously made me tear up! Although I don’t see how Budweiser beer and American soldiers are connected I thought it was really thoughtful to see them welcoming the soldier back home. Personally, I am not for any types of war but we should not undermine the fact that American soldiers are willing to sacrifice their lives for us. They are heroes.


Cool but Confused: (Where’s the connection of the brand and message?)

1. Wings – Volkswagen: The wings were really cool, but I didn’t really get the connection with wings and Volkswagen…

2. Slow Clap – Carmax (and the puppy version): This was just so random I had to put it in here. The puppy version is adorable.

3. British Villians – Jaguar: I love British accents! Fancy actions but once again not really seeing the connection.

4. It’s Beautiful – Coca Cola: Not going to lie this was a BEAUTIFUL clip of hearing the American anthem in many different languages but I had a hard time seeing the connection to Coca Cola. But, it did make me smile. :^)

Which ones were your fave? Let me know!


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