Fashion Friday: SunbeamsJess

Sunbeamsjess instagram photo

Who? Jess aka sunbeamsjess

What? Fashion/Beauty YouTube Vlogger

Where? England (love the accent!)

I am always waiting for Jess to upload another video whether it’s a haul, styling, or beauty bits. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous but she truly has a unique fashion style. The YouTube fashion world is now overpopulated with a lot of extremely stylish people but sometimes I feel like their styles are not all that different. However, sunbeamsjess seems to stand out because she pieces very bold and unique pieces together. She’s not afraid to wear clothing that doesn’t ‘match’ together and she definitely pulls it off with her confidence.

Overall I would describe her style as mix & match and trendy with a hint of grunge. She definitely loves her platform shoes, lipsticks, and accessories!

Personally I love her “Week in Outfits” videos. She basically shows what she wore that week and describes (in a very soft voice!) the pieces.

Here’s one of my favorites:

I also love her haul videos and get ready with me. Here’s a Get Ready with Me!

Lastly, she’s traveled around the world and on her side channel she talks about her travels which I enjoyed watching.

You can check out her YouTube channel and all other social medias here:

Official YouTube Channel:

Other YouTube Channel:



Blog: (Hasn’t been updated in forever but she has some fun posts like her favorite online shops, etc.)

Hope ya’ll enjoy her stuff just as much as I do! 🙂


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