Marketing Monday: 100th Birthday of Nordstrom’s Only Greeter!

Ted DiNunzio, Nordstrom’s only greeter, turned 100 years old on December 30th, 2013. He’s been working for the company since he was 86 years old.
Ya’ll are probably wondering how this 100 year old greeter has anything to do with marketing. But as a marketing student I feel like he truly knows how to market himself and Nordstrom.

Here’s a brief video clip about him:

This is how I see it:

He’s passionate and he believes.
“I will keep on working until I can’t work anymore.” (abc News)
He is passionate enough to continue to work and he believes in the company. It’s hard to market something you don’t believe in successfully and genuinely. For example: yourself. In order to market yourself to interviewers and companies you have to know who you are and what you are good at. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Ask family and friends what they think. Recall previous school, work, and even personal experiences and see how you reacted and how you overcame them.

He’s good at what he does: greeting.
What is greeting? Welcoming someone with kind words and a smile.
As you can see in the video Mr. DiNunzio greeted everyone that came into the store whether they were young children or elderly like him. Many said they felt welcomed and were put in a good mood to shop at Nordstrom. Companies who are able to market successfully are also good at what they make or the service they provide. It has to go hand in hand: good product/service and good marketing. Too many companies these days rely solely on marketing to push the company without considering whether their product or service is good or even desired. Market research helps too!

He built his own brand. He’s remembered.
He always smiles! Everyone (customers and employees) remembers him. Because he is remembered Nordstrom is also remembered and recognized. His brand is friendly, warm, fun and happy! His brand image spills over to Nordstrom, particularly the store he works at in Arcadia, through him.

He’s unique.
Not only is he the ONLY greeter for Nordstrom but he’s 100 years old! When it comes to marketing it’s important to be unique and stand out especially nowadays because of the high competition in all industries.
But all in all I think he is an inspiration and should be recognized. Happy Belated Birthday Mr. DiNunzio!

Any thoughts? Opinions? Am I even on the right track? 😛



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